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February 2, 2017
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Fly by Fun Party Invite Melbourne

 Fly by Fun Party Invite Melbourne

Want to Make Great Party Invitations in Melbourne for your Kid?

Here’s the Trick


Kids’ parties in Melbourne mean a lot to them. It is a moment for them to interact; to make new friends, learn new games, put their intelligence to the test and many other things that just make them happy in their little joyous world. A Party Invitation is a great way to start. So hosting a kids’ party demands that you have the young ones’ interests at heart. And after the venue is decided and all other logistics are in place, the next big thing is the party invitations. How you tell others about the party will dictate the turnout as well as the expectations of the attending participants. Let us take a look at how you can make the party invitations stir up the party feeling days before the actual event.


The Party Theme and the Party Invitations should be well aligned


So what have you chosen as the theme of your kid’s party? If you haven’t made up your mind, you can check some of the great themes that we have lined up. You can pick the poke man or the minion themes. Or you can spice up the party with the mystical environment by choosing the magic show theme. Well, after choosing the theme, your invitation is now starting to take shape. If you choose the minions’ theme, for instance, you can put up a pic of Stuart the Minion on the background to introduce the invitee to the fun that will be generously dispensed on the big day.


The Language of Kids’ Party Invitations


There are all sorts of parties trending in the neighborhood, and we cannot tie you to one specific way of making a Party invitation. It depends on the type of party you are hosting and the guests you expect to attend. But since we are talking about kids’ parties, a baseline can well be outlined. One thing to be observed is the language that tells a kid and their parent ‘this is not the kind of party you want to be a second late.’ Come up with something creative. The words should be well chosen to elaborate the whole event in writing.


What is to be contained in Party Invitations?


You now have a theme that speaks volumes about the kind of party you are hosting and the language that commands attendance in the most attractive way. However, these alone will not get the guests to your kid’s party. The aforementioned are just but the skeleton of party invitations. The flesh of a great invitation is, of course, the details contained in it.


The name of the Invitee


The mention of the name of the invitee makes them feel honored. It shows that you have them in mind and you didn’t just print a batch of cards and sent them to random addresses. It makes someone feel that they have a special place at the party.


The Host’s Name and the purpose of the Party


Of course, we need to know who is hosting the party and why. So it should be something like, ‘Daniel invites you to his fifth birthday in Port Melbourne on the 30th of February…’


The Date and Venue of the Party


Time and place are fundamentals. Elaborate on the date and the venue of the party. Also, mention the exact time of the start of the party and when it will end. This way, people can plan that day with your event in mind.


A Teaser


Most people include a teaser as part of party invitations. These are statements that tell invitees what to expect for example, ‘a candy buffet will be in the mix.’ These teasers are solely what makes other people attend and so it would be a good idea to include such a statement.


Not everyone you invite will attend


Just as there are gate crashers to parties, there will also be absentees. Not everyone you invite will attend for various reasons. Therefore, it is nice to include a contact that can be reached by those who will not make it. This contact can be used even by those who might turn up late or just anyone who would like to communicate with the event organisers.


And to wrap it up, let your kid’s preferences govern most aspects of the party. If your kid loves a certain theme, the chances are high that even his or her friends will love it. Make the party invitation sound like the voice of the kid inviting his fellows.

Fun is Precious

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